Start / Mixed projects

→ Interview by the Danish newspaper Information.
The article introduces the new developments in the Danish dance scene. (2019)
Photo Credit: Sigrid Nygaard 

→ Eric Andersen: Håb & Ilddåb (2018)
Perfomance. Håb & Ilddåb is a performance in the intersection between music, dance, performance and visual art by artist Eric Andersen in collaboration with Esbjerg Ensemble and Esbjerg Kunstmuseum.
 Photo credit: Nikolaj Lund & Eric Andersen

 Margret Sara Gudjonsdottir: Exhibition CATALYSTS – Somatic Resonance (2022)
CATALYSTS – Somatic Resonance is a choreographic exhibition of somatic body states from the work of Icelandic choreographer Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir. The exhibition is a choreography of Mixed Realty technologies, kinaesthetic algorithms, archival material and live bodies. Visitors are invited to download the CATALYSTS app to immerse themselves in the resonant states of the dancers informed by Guðjónsdóttir’s deep tissue release practice “FULL DROP into the Body”. States of affective potential arise from awakening latent energies over time, across media and flesh, expanding what dance can be and how bodies can remember.

→ Collective Pace (2016)
This statement was written by RISK for the international performance festival WORKS AT WORK in Copenhagen. The statement marks a point in our collective process anno November, 2016. Photo credit: Kyan Bayani

Zone of Hesitations (2016) 
Research project. Zone of Hesitations is a research and performance project initiated by the collective RISK with support from Dansehallerne, the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies at Copenhagen University. Photo credit: Gry Raaby 

→ Interview.
Julia Giertz & Marie Topp speaks about their collaboration and the performance Oceanic (2020).
Photo credit: Lina Ikse

→ Margret Sara Gudjonsdottir: Conspiracy Hypersonic States (2017)
Performance. A symphony of pathologies, sentiments, and physical states originating in the personal emotional body are on display in this latest work by Icelandic choreographer Margrét Sara Gudjónsdóttir. Emotions rush through these bodies without filters. The viewer experiences extreme and at times painfully private states. Portraying the anonymous multitude, the five dancers are ceremonially surrendered to, and moved by, invisible forces, both political and energetic in nature, that are far greater than all of us.

 Margret Sara Gudjonsdottir: Conspiracy Archives. (2018)
Exhibition.  Using Mixed Reality, an archive was created of the studio processes of choreographer Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir in creating her 2017 performance Conspiracy Ceremony: HYPERSONIC STATES. This intense and powerful choreography was made from many hours in the studio working with reflective somatic (bodily) practices. The deep and meditative quality of the work makes it a fascinating archiving challenge: how is it possible to archive the dynamic, moving meditation of the dancers?

 Julia Giertz: Liquid Singing (2021)
A sound installation with handcrafted, sculptural instruments created by Julia Giertz in collaboration with Felix Ahlberg Eriksson and Katja Lindeberg. Artistic consultant Marie Topp.

→ Article. They have always been outsiders, but keep a good eye on them” Danish newspaper Politiken on the new developments within the contemporay dance scene in Denmark. 

Chronicle. Svenska Dagbladet 2017 (Swedish)

Studio interview with Inkonst / The Labyrinth