Start / Works / Forerunning

Photo credit: Anja Beutler
Start / Works / Forerunning

Photo credit: Anja Beutler

Spot On, Dansehallerne, February 7th – 8th 2013 
Volksroom, Brussels, December 2013
KBH Musikteater, January 20th 2014
Workspace Brussels, October 30th 2014
Det frie Felts Festival, Copenhagen, June 13th – 14th  2014
K3 Tanzcentrum Hamburg / Kampnagel, March 5th – 7th 2015

Before a break-out, a race or a blow.

The body is in a state of absolute readiness.

High pulse, sweat and adrenaline hits the roof.

The body is ready.

Absolute intense readiness.

Forerunning is a soloperformance by choreographer Marie Topp in collaboration with composer Julia Giertz. The work researches the movement between action and non-action and the physical state that this in-between produces: Readiness.


Concept, choreography and performance: Marie Topp
Music: Julia Giertz
Consultant: Inge Agnete Tarpgaard
Supported by: Koda Dramatik, K3 Tanzplan Hamburg, Workspace Brussels