Start / Works / Oceanic

Photo credit: Lina Ikse
Start / Works / Oceanic

Photo credit: Lina Ikse
By Marie Topp and Julia Giertz
Premiere 05.03 2020

Atalante, Göteborg, March 5th – 6th 2020
Dansstationen, Malmö, March 10th – 11th 2020
MDT,  Stockholm, November 24th – 25th 2021
Dansehallerne, Copenhagen, December 3rd – 4th 2021
Aaben Dans, Roskilde, December 9th – 10th 2021
Cph Stage, Copenhagen, June 7th – 8th 2022
Ice Hot Nordic Danceplatform, July 2nd 2022

Oceanic is a solo performance made by Danish choreographer Marie Topp and Julia Giertz in collaboration with lighting designer Mårten K Axelsson and dramaturge Igor Dobričić. Oceanic is a reflection on listening and a feminist study of the hierarchies of sounds. Burl bowls are spread across the stage, following nature's own form with their unique and organic shapes. A woman is floating in a hallucinogenic sea, moving through what becomes a mythological landscape. She is evoking the past and present, voices and memories. Oceanic has an original, immersive sound set-up, including custom-made mechanical string instruments. Together, the protagonist, the sounding sculptures and the light create an embodied space for careful tuning and wild listening.

Oceanic premiered at Atalante, Gothenburg in March, 2020. The performance is part of a body of work dealing with how political and cultural structures are embedded in the senses. This series includes the works: Liaisons (performance, 2018), Shrill (sound work, 2018), Oceanic (performance, 2020) and Hail to The Good Listener (Performance commissioned by Danish Dance Theatre, 2021).

The performance is co-produced by Dansehallerne and turnenetværket Slingan; MDT, Dansstationen and Atalante. It is selected for ICE HOT Nordic Dance Platform 2022 and CPH Stage international showcase.

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Concept: Marie Topp and Julia Giertz
Choreography and dance: Marie Topp
Sound: Julia Giertz
Instruments: Julia Giertz and Felix Ahlberg Ericsson
Lighting design: Mårten K. Axelsson
Dramaturgy: Igor Dobričić
Tour technician: Uli Ruchlinski & Emanuel Arvanitis
Technical adviser: Daniel Araya
Consultant: Sarah Melin
Photo: Lina Ikse
Trailer: Milja Rossi
Production: Visible Effects.
Producer:  Betina Rex, Gry Raaby

Co-production Slingan; Atalante, MDT, Dansstationen & Dansehallerne, Residency: Konstnärsnämnden international residency program/Atalante, Inkonst, MDT, EMS.

Supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation, Bikuben fonden, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Knud Højgaard Fonden, Augustinus Fonden